Winter Wear Market: Indian fashion retail’s hottest sector

The winter wear market in India is evolving rapidly owing to climate change and evolving consumer preferences

Winter wear in India has come a long way from its humble roots as a functional category. As financial stability and purchasing power of the modern consumer base started to pick up momentum in the last few years, an inevitable shift from need-based to aspiration-based clothing manifested, unveiling the true potential of the Indian winter wear industry to the fashion retail fraternity.

Facts & Figures

  • Pegged at US$ 2.7 billion in 2018, the winter wear market in India accounts for 5 percent of the total Indian apparel market.
  • It is considered to be one of the fastest evolving segments in the fashion industry.

“The Indian winter wear industry is at the start of a strong and focused revolution in style. Winter wear, once commonly marketed for the winter season as practical clothing, today combines style with functionality. In line with the changing habits and tastes of modern consumers, India’s winter wear market has seen the emergence of a wide range of fabrics, patterns and models,” states , Managing Director,  ().

Evolution of the SegmentIn the last decade, a profusion of factors including rising disposable income, heightened fashion consciousness and increasing penetration of the mass media has been instrumental in giving impetus to the winter wear market in India.

“Advertisement and social media have played a major role in changing the market as well as the consumer. Earlier people use to buy 1-2 items of winter wear but with the exposure to social media everyone now wants to be updated with the current fashions, so the buying power has increased. Buying behaviour nowadays is actually based on occasions so this has resulted in more consumption over the last 10 years,” says , Executive Director, .

According to him, another key factor driving the growth of this industry is the growing trend of fitness consciousness. “People have become more health-conscious, so the pattern nowadays is more on slimmer sizes. Everyone wants to look fit and fab. Our ‘slim fit’ category of winter wear is in super demand now,” he adds.

Just like in other apparel sectors, the convenience, discoverability and affordability offered by e-commerce has been successful in catalysing the winter wear market in India. “The booming e-commerce sector and extensive spending on quality clothes are key factors fuelling the Indian winter wear market. Consumers are increasingly spending on a variety of clothing material such as woollen, leather, silk, linen to match their changing lifestyle,” says Singh.

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