Winter Fashion Tips for 2019

If the New Year finds you wondering what to wear during the coldest months of 2019, look no further. We’ve checked with the experts and made a list of 2019 winter fashion trends that will keep you warm and let you embrace your own sense of style at the same time. Read on to find the latest winter fashion tips for 2019!

1. Build your look: denim, leather, and basic bottoms.

Jeans are a fundamental part of fashion, and this year’s no exception. Jameela Jamil even wore them on the Golden Globes red carpet! So make sure you have a couple of pairs in your wardrobe to give you the basic look and feel you want.

Have a pair of bootleg-cut jeans on hand for heavier foot coverage on those colder days, or show off a stylish shoe or boot with a straight-legged jean cut. And don’t forget that the jean jacket returns, bringing with it influences like shoulder pads from the 80’s or a lean, classic look from the 50’s.

Finally, have a good selection of basic bottoms in your wardrobe: Choose from solid-colored culottes, capris, and standard pants. As for skirts, there’s a variety of lengths to select from, including maxis, minis, and pencil skirts. You can even pick a couple of leather pieces.

2. Don’t be shy with color.

Intense colors are one of the hallmarks of 2019 winter fashion. You’ll see bold-colored monochromatic dresses, tops, bottoms, and jumpsuits in bright or deep blues, reds, oranges, and yellows. Don’t be surprised to see a raincoat in day-glo pink or blue, or an evening gown with a hint of holographic translucence.

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