Urban style: Yesterday and today

Urban clothing, an increasing style!

The style of urban clothing is a way of dressing that was born in the mid-70s in New York and is considered today as one of the great trends in fashion. First of all, it was the young people of the poor neighborhoods who imposed this way of dressing, a rare possibility of manifesting their individuality and their personal style. Unable to afford expensive clothes, they did their best with the few resources available to them. The important thing was not what was being carried, but the way in which it was carried.


The urban style

Nowadays, urban clothing, influenced by music, sport or urban art, has ceased to be the mark of a ghetto or a band. In fact, it has become the fashion showcase where everything is allowed. Creative, daring, it is the most inspired fashion of the moment.

The urban style is part of the urban landscape and does not stop renewing. Many gray facades are transformed into authentic works of art for the pleasure of offering beauty to citizens


Urban art and fashion, a special alliance!

For a long time criticized for vandalism, this manifestation of art has ended up finding its place in society. Like the world of fashion, art is subject to trends and this is currently urban.

For a long time associated with hip-hop artists who were primarily looking for comfortable clothes that allowed them to follow all their movements, urban fashion immediately emerged from that typecasting to become a male and female trend, and also affects all social classes. Today it is not strange to see great movie stars or the song on the cover of some magazines just wearing a jogging or small touches totally sportswear.


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