Update yourself for fashion

This trend may not be the most convenient if you expect to carry something else, but we must admit that the mini bags are definitely cute.

The urban fashion is being updated more taking out new fashions or fashions of past years there is always a different style to look like so update yourself and you always saw the urban.


This year, transparent handbags and heels have become basic items of clothing, and sneakers are now acceptable to wear in the city, as they are one of the most popular footwear trends at this time.

There has been a return to the vibrant and eye-catching colors, in response to the tremendous use of neutral tones during the past seasons. Gone are the days when summer was the only season for color. Even though the holidays are over, and the days are getting shorter, the color will continue to be a focal point in fashion this year. To make things feel relevant, opt for super bright tones; They are very fashionable at the moment.


While the return of 90s fashion may still be strong, there was a remarkable element of the 80s in the mix this season. Yes, the electric jacket is back. Complete with bold shoulder pads, this basic fashion of 30 years ago is fashionable once again. To rock, even more, make sure you choose a style with a style design vintage and a large silhouette. You can even borrow a blazer from the boys if necessary. Then combine it with skinny jeans or a skirt and heels.

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Retro shirt that is sure to catch some attention:


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