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The trends are renewed every moment, and our lives force us to always be on the move, but have they stopped to think what they really must do to get a good change of look and not die trying?

To find your style, it is always useful to locate your personal style icon. Who is that person that whenever you see, you think "I want to look like her"? Well, it was time to take an example of their best looks and always keep them in mind when buying or putting together an outfit.



We sat down with the entrepreneur and actor to get the skinny on personal style, vintage shopping and how we can nail that side-hustle.
Your new sunglasses collection is so exciting, I read that one, in particular, is inspired by one of your own archive pieces?

And it is! I have a favorite pair of sunglasses that I bought many years ago. They since have been discontinued and I've been on the search for the perfect pair ever since. When designing the new collection, I incorporated parts of those frames into my SJP x Sunglass Hut collaboration. Now, when I'm walking down the street and get asked where to buy them I have somewhere to send them to.

Do your own archive pieces inspire you a lot in your designs?

Not always, but sometimes. Taking inspiration from vintage pieces or simply looking at old images inspire me. The past, recent and quite distant, can be very inspiring.


It's important to be comfortable and be yourself. I have key pieces in my wardrobe that are staples - a black dress, gray jeans, a gray sweatshirt, sunglasses and a few great pairs of heels. It's my uniform. Sort of. It's what I can rely on, throw on fast and feel most like myself.

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