The progressive street style fashion

Who would have thought that street style fashion could rise into popularity subsequently? Designers have been working on diverse fashion over the years and trends has been a hot topic especially in all forms of social media platforms!

Street style wasn’t born in the 2010s, but you could say it was the decade it really mattered.

As digital media and Instagram evolved and surged in popularity, street style also got bolder and more graphic—eye-catching, photogenic stuff. You can also discern almost the exact moment everyone ditched stilettos for sneakers, and when Alessandro Michele’s debut at Gucci single-handedly changed the way we dress. Some years were marked by specific collections or designers, while others were about unique items, trends, or cultural shifts. 

Most recently, street style has been looking a lot more diverse, thanks to the rise of models like Adwoa Aboah, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Teddy Quinlivan. 

Throughout the years, more and more celebrities and influencers had contributed a lot in this fashion industry showing off their fancy designer bags, clothes, shoes, and any other collection. Also, we have to take note that social media has a lot to with these fashion statement we are drooling in.

We’re only halfway through the year, but so far 2019 has been “peak” everything: peak maximalism, peak influencer, peak celebrity, even peak minimalism as a reaction to all of that. The streets of 2019 are more varied and diverse than they’ve ever been; let’s hope 2020 can keep the good vibes going.


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