Fashion in 2019 already underway

From Popular Shoes to Fashion accessories, these are some of the biggest fashion trends of 2019 that are already underway

From polka-dot dresses to tuxedo-style clothing, 2019 has seen a ton of new fashion trends. But while many bold styles are becoming favorites around the world, others are going out of style as quickly as they emerged.

Snakeskin and leopard print, however, has proven to be more popular than zebra. Leopard midi skirts have even become so popular that an Instagram account was created in honor of the style.


In April, Urban Outfitters announced it would begin selling a new version of Steve Madden's Slinky sandals— now called Scrunchy — which rose to fame in the '90s and were typically worn in black. The updated style is sold in multiple colors and received wide praise from consumers.


But despite the enthusiastic response from shoppers, the trend doesn't seem to be as popular as it was a few decades ago. Before selling out, some styles appear to have been on clearance at Urban Outfitters.

Fashion, traditionally seen as the industry responsible for devising, materializing and marketing garments with an accepted cultural significance every month or every year.


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