Fashion in wedding parties

A wedding can build memories that last for life and for the same reason we want to look our best during this important celebration, why not accompany our formal outfit with a bit of uniqueness and style?

Trying to beat the heatwave, Herbert Collins sports a suit he found on Amazon. “I love baby blue.”

“This is mostly the Banana Republic, and a free hat I got from Las Vegas. I tend to dress in a pantsuit and vest style. It’s a warm wedding, so I didn’t want to wear long sleeves.”

“It’s outside, so you want to be bright, free and not uptight. We don’t get to dress like this every day.” 


Australian and LA native, Kimberly Cooper wears a corset found at the Hustlers store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles paired with a “laundry basket skirt,” Michael Shannon shoes and a unique necklace. “The necklace is from Australia, and the woman who sells them gets them from France. As it gets hotter, it melts into your skin and ends up looking like a tattoo.” 

Rummaging through her friend’s closet, Mackenzie Tamayo opted for this sleek dress from Eve’s Revolution. “It’s flowy and breathes really well.”

“It’s just something I pulled together. It’s festive. I’ve had this shirt for probably 10 to 15 years and only break it out on rare occasions.” 


“I was trying to wear a wedge, but I thought who am I kidding? We’re going to be dancing, and it’s on the grass. I wanted a Converse look, and I had found these black ones, but my coworker found these rose gold ones.” 

Wellness company owner, Aislynn Van Clief wears a traditional kimono. “This is a traditional color palette and style you would wear in the tea room. It’s all vintage from Japan.”

Louis Torres sports a floral patterned blazer. “I got this off the clearance rack at Macy’s, and it’s pretty snazzy. The tie is from Calvin Klein.”

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