The culture of street clothes?

Urban fashion streetwear– is one of the most striking emerging trends of recent years in the world of distribution and fashion. This phenomenon, focused on casual clothing - shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts ... - is disrupting traditional channels and changing the way of doing retail in different areas, such as production, promotion, sale and resale.

Walker and his business partner Carl Jones started Cross Colors in 1989, here in Los Angeles. They had in mind a very specific vision of what their brand would represent.
Walker said: “We wanted to identify a niche that we saw was in the market. And we feel we need to identify that and we did it by having black people in our ads, on our hang tags. "


In the golden age of hip hop, Jones and Walker incorporated bright colors and graphic designs that reflected not only trends and fashion, but also a cultural embrace of Afrocentrism. When superstars like Will Smith and Magic Johnson started using Cross Colors, the line increased in popularity. That was in the early 90s.

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