The best fashion exports

National brands are challenged to create a mix in their portfolio and identify in which products or materials they are strong and in which they have a certain weakness they can rely on other countries to have a portfolio that remains attractive to the consumer.

At the same time, he reiterated that firms must understand the importance of diversifying risk, so opening the market is something they must still work to create more opportunities.

I far from attended all of the hourly shows that fill said schedule for six days, some of which even group designers back-to-back in a tent dedicated to emerging talent. But as something of a veteran at Seoul Fashion Week, it became apparent to me this season how fundamental it is that this platform restructures its approach and creates a more intimate, more exclusive and more curated pedestal for its fashion export.

While labels like D-Antidote, Youser and Münn have become recognizable names for those in-the-know outside of the South Korean borders, the brands that are truly making waves in the cooler corners of Seoul are nowhere to be seen around the city's fashion week

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