Teva Sandals Are the Shoes of the Summer

It is curious that today many women or men use the oldest footwear in the world. Sandals have their origin in the first civilizations, such as the Egyptian, and for centuries they were used for everything. Nothing is further from reality. A couple of seasons ago the successful return of Teva sandals and this summer everyone wants to wear fashion with them.

Having a pair of Teva sandals is inevitable. Since the foundation of the brand in 1984 by geophysicist and raft enthusiast Mark Thatcher, the velcro strap sandal has been worn by fashion designers, CEOs, outdoor people and more. The main attraction for all of them is that the Tevas are practical.

Surprised that the teva is more covetable than a bodysuit worn by Beyoncé or Gigi Hadid’s favorite tee? It’s remarkable that without much fanfare, advertising, or influencer marketing, Tevas have risen to become the shoes of the summer, but if we learned anything from summer 2018’s omnipresent flip-flop or summer 2017’s love affair with the Birkenstock, no-nonsense shoes make a big impact. “The Originals collection is on fire right now! We’re seeing significant increases in sales in this collection and had some retailers selling out of their inventory before the summer even hit.

The teva are a reference of perspiration and comfort in footwear, it also includes among its seasonal proposals the classic-inspired street sandals with them you can be comfortable and leave where you want the summer fashion season is for women and men looking this summer the sandals.

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