Street Fashion Meetup

High street fashion gets an upgrade with this collaboration. Luxe French fashion label Giambattista Valli collaborated with H&M to create an eclectic collection for the coming holiday season.
Accessories like scarves, bags, sunglasses and caps have also been included in the collection. Valli is a favourite of several celebrities like Rihanna, Amal Clooney, Ariana Grande, and Emma Stone. With this collection, Giambattista Valli makes his signature clothes available to a larger audience.

Valli’s signature style includes frills and busy prints. Loud, voluminous skirts are also a regular feature. “My work speaks for itself, so I wouldn’t add much. I like to think of myself as an accomplice to some special moments. My creations are easy to wear and easy to interpret. More than dresses, I see them as a means to create a dialogue with my clients. I design for a living body, not for a lifeless mannequin,” the designer stated.

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