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We've all got our eyes on Hailey Baldwin these days:

1. because she just had the most insanely lavish wedding to Justin Bieber (The dresses! The accessories! The RING!), and 2. because of her modern-day-Posh-Spice style. The model channels Victoria Beckham's sexy, simplistic vibe, but still packs her closet with modern statement pieces for a look that's 100% her own.

Whether you take a few more fashion risks on her behalf or think about the staple pieces in your closet – like Hailey's go-to blazers and mom jeans – in a less conventional way, she has us all itching to revamp our own style in her image. Ahead, peruse all of the most stunning, chic, effortlessly cool Hailey Baldwin outfits that demand to be replicated.

As you know, Hailey is the queen of dressing up her basics. Throw a tailored leather jacket over an oversized t-shirt, pair with boots, and you're ready for the ultimate shopping trip.

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Long Sleeve Quilted Padding Jacket


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