Rules to use streetwear

Fortunately, street clothes have also grown. So, whether you're looking to adjust your style, or simply refine your jeans wardrobe and sweatshirt, here are ways to do it without looking like an effort.


Rule One: Luxe Up Your Fabrics

Streetwear staples were, until recently, things you could happily fall off a skateboard while wearing; hence why most were rendered in denim and heavy cotton, in non-constrictive fits. But modern streetwear has stepped out of the skatepark and designers have reworked time-honored pieces – hoodies, cargo trousers, trainers – into garments you wouldn’t want to risk on the concrete.

Rule Two: Don’t Be A Hypebeast

For youth culture, the hype is everything. Recognition is the currency, so you need to cop the brands that your peers know about: Supreme, Palace, Gosha, Yeezy. But the exchange rate changes over time. “There isn’t an age cut-off for streetwear,” says stylist and photographer Chris Tang. “But an older guy should stick to what they like and what works for them.”

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