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“My goal is not to celebrate celebrity, but to document our time. The way we live now, ”says Vogue street style photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce of his new book, Garçon Style. Shot over five years, the book captures men across all four fashion capitals - New York, London, Paris, Milan - paying tribute to their unique sense of style.


“I like that Jonathan finds characters within each city, the men who put their own unique stamp on a look. His focus isn’t on the perfect way of dressing or obvious trends and statements, it’s about personality, ”writes Sir Paul Smith in the foreword.

Rather than the usual reportage approach to street style photography, Pryce’s work is more akin to poetry, with an unerring eye for detail, color, time and light. “What I see from Jonathan goes beyond the expected,” says Smith. “He gives context; he gives life. ”

Pryce’s first project came while at university, inspired by Amy Arbus’s On the Street, and titled Les Garçons de Glasgow: a fusion of street style and nightclub photography taken in the Scottish city. In 2012, he became “the beard guy” when his Tumblr, 100 Beards 100 Days, went viral. Since then, he’s been traveling the fashion capitals of the world, commissioned by Vogue, GQ, and Mr. Porter.

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