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Positioning your website and your brand on the internet is a task that requires constant activity. It is essential to have a good marketing strategy, because not only with having active social networks you will achieve the desired objective. An alternative is the influencers, and although they have been used for years, they have now reached social networks so the scope they have is massive and immediate with the possibility of sharing the message with a specific audience

When selecting one to publicize your company or service, you should consider and study perfectly the public in which you are interested, the investment you make will return to users, flow in your page, positioning and, best of all, potential customers.


Let's see 3 people who are influencing social networks:

Florian Gadsby

Artist and potter | NEW
Forget avocado on toast, you need more artfully-styled pottery on your Instagram feed and luckily Florian Gadsby is here to provide just that. After an apprenticeship with renowned potter Lisa Hammond, Gadsby is making a name for himself and using Instagram (220K followers) as a platform to showcase his collections.


Dr Rupy Aujla

@doctors_kitchen | NEW
Dr Aujla of The Doctor’s Kitchen, NHS GP by day, food blogger and podcaster by night, publishes tasty recipes on Instagram (152K followers) and interviews fellow doctors about health and diet on his podcast of the same name.

Jada Sezer

Influence | NEW
Jada Sezer is a prominent mental health campaigner and influencer, and her recent projects include co-hosting dating app Bumble UK’s new podcast, Unsubscribe, about how to unsubscribe from toxic behaviors.

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