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One of Scott Schuman's portraits shows a man in the Indian city of Kolkata with glitter on his face, shining like stardust. But the photographer initially missed this detail. Schuman had run into the stranger -- "a young man in a hoodie who had a certain allure," as he's described in the photographer's new street style book -- during an early-morning visit to a flower market on the outskirts of the city.

In India, you don't need to go far to find drama. Step out on the streets of any city, and the spectacle of the everyday will ambush, if not overwhelm, you. Sometimes all you need is to turn around -- an idea that comes alive in Schuman's book. Schuman's work finds intrigue in the throwaway details and unspoken stories captured within its frames.

His book is interspersed with blank pages, and images bereft of human life -- instead of people, we see water tanks, jerry cans and gloves on metal rods looking like spectral hands. The photographer has been visiting India since 2008 to cover fashion weeks. But some of his most memorable shots came not from runway shows, but while he was driving around in a car, or walking aimlessly in the street.

"In India, people on the street are more open to being photographed than in Western cities. (Most people seemed) happy about being seen and recognized," observed Schuman, adding that Italy may be the only other country where he feels people are so at ease in front of camera.

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