How to wear jeans?

Recently, skinny jeans have been crowned as the favorites of many. However, if you are not a fan of this tight type of pants, wide pants are an incredible bet to see you super chic.

While wide pants can be somewhat intimidating because of the fear of seeing you wider than you really are. However, knowing how to combine well, they are an excellent garment to show off from an elegant look for a night out to a casual look to enjoy a sunny day.


But how to wear your favorite fit of jeans. It's one of the basics, like knowing what shoes to wear with your suit, or the subtle nuances that differentiate an Oxford from a Derby shoe.

Don’t underestimate it. The best jeans in the world are the ones that fit you. So it pays to know the different cuts available, the body types they suit and what looks best with them. From wide-leg denim to your favorite skinny jeans, these are the dos and don’ts of wearing every fit that matters.


Surely the most polarizing cut in the world of jeans, skinny fits may have disappeared from the runways, but all it takes is a stroll around town to see that this nut-hugging style is still abundantly popular outside of high fashion.

In the interest of balance, it's important not to wear them with anything too loose, baggy or bulky. “Avoid wearing your chunky trainers with skinny jeans,” says stylist Sarah Gilfillan, founder of men's personal shopping service SartoriaLab.

It’s also worth taking the shape of your legs into consideration before squeezing yourself into a pair. “Anyone with a chunky build should give skinny-fit jeans a wide berth,” says Gilfillan. “The shape will accentuate the width of your legs in a non-flattering way.”

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