How to Upgrade Your Style

One of the best — and simplest — ways to change the way people see you is to start taking the way you dress more seriously. A lot of men think that clothing is a necessary evil that is best achieved by pursuing the path of least resistance. If you are one of those men, we are here to help you.

Before we dive in, let’s make one thing clear: our goal here is not to tell you what to wear, but instead, help you figure that out for yourself. We won’t try to persuade you to buy the latest trends, but we will help you identify which trends are worth splurging on and which trends you can skip altogether. Most importantly, we’re totally not judging you for the man you are. Our goal is to encourage you to refine the image you present to the world.

Establish Your Brand

Yeah, we know. Describing yourself as a “brand” can make you sound a certain way, but the fact of the matter is, that’s exactly what you are — a brand. Your appearance is the first thing people see when they meet you. Before you speak or shake hands, everyone around you is forming their first impressions. Consider your appearance as a walking advertisement as to who they can expect you to be once they meet you. But where do you start?

“Any guy looking to define his personal style or unique vibe should look towards the favorites he has in his wardrobe, the pieces he gravitates to the most,” says life, style and travel blogger Justin Livingston, founder of Scout Sixteen. “Lay them out and find a common theme … Once you’re able to categorize your style, you can begin to shape it. Even though style is constantly evolving, having a baseline for where to begin is always extremely helpful.”

Fashion Executive Chad Leat expands on this idea: “For men, style and fashion has gotten a lot easier in the last half dozen years,” he explains. “By and large, the workplace [has moved] from business casual to casual. There is no longer this complicated closet [where] you have to have work clothes, casual clothes, and go out clothes.” These styles have overwhelmingly merged into one uniform that fits in most places, most of the time.

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