How to style your tracksuit for 2020

Fashion tips to style your tracksuit for 2020. Since the introduction of the velour design back in the 70’s, the tracksuit is still a “go to” casual fashion piece for men and women of today.

Once restricted to park walkers or gym goers, the tracksuit has evolved into a fashion statement made popular by many celebrities.

That said, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts in styling your tracksuit outside of the home. It’s not all down to the design of the tracksuit itself, it’s how you style it. Here are a few fashion tips to help you style your tracksuit the right way

How to get the casual styling look from your tracksuit?

Add some shape and contrast to your fashion look by adding a grew neck sweater to your navy or black trackie bottoms.
Adding extra layering is also a complimentary choice.

A black gilet blends athleisure with the high-street look. For those of you who prefer the full-on tracksuit look, brands like Emporio Armani or Hugo Boss are a stylish fashion choice.

Sport brands like Champion cater for a range of different colours with that 90s look. These look great worn with chunky white Nike Airforce One’s trainers.

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