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Fashion is the "use, mode or custom that is in vogue for some time or in a certain country." Its second meaning is "collective and changing taste in terms of clothing and accessories".

I've asked Oliveira about getting shot for street style, not just because he's my friend and I like to talk to him, but also because he's a veteran photographer, having worked with everyone from The New York Times to, well, us here at Fashionist. He knows so much about his side of the industry that he's even worked with influencers, helping to style them and coaching them on to the next level of their careers.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but take a look at your schedule and plan your outfits accordingly. It's been a trend for a long time, but if you're traveling with a friend or co-worker, matching outfits can make for a guaranteed snap. And take advantage of your environment; try and scope out the show venues in advance, if you're not familiar.

"Some people are very smart - they know the outfits in terms of the location, so it matches the background," he says. "For example if you're going to the Milk Studios, which is dark in winter, you always bring a color."


Remember that gray wall? The pink of my dress provided a great pop, which is what made it work. (Totally unintentional, but now I know!) If you're going to be outside, try a fun pattern; bright colors will work well in the dull days of winter; Oliveira notes that there are editors who know precisely how to work with the unique light of Parisian days. And it doesn't even have to be sunny; in fact, gray conditions can make for the best photos.

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