How to Dress Without Wearing Black

I tried Not Wearing Black for a Week (and It Was Hard)

When it came time to select a challenge for myself for this week, I was actually excited because, for once, I already had something in mind. A certain boredom over my own style had been brewing in me for months after realizing that I often wear the same few things over and over again and even more often revert to simply wearing a ton of black when I’m not in the mood to try or just feel like keeping it simple. After all, you really can’t go wrong in head-to-toe black, which is part of the reason I’ve done so for much of my adult life, but something about it becoming a crutch rather than a conscious choice was getting to me. Since I seem to have found a fix for the first issue of wearing the same few items on repeat, I thought this would be a fitting time to tackle the second.

Nonetheless, for the sake of journalism and personal growth, I did—kind of. To see what I mean, read about all of my lessons and learnings and, of course, to see and shop what I actually wore, just keep scrolling.

1. Silver accessories are very helpful.

While most of the bags and shoes I buy are, in fact, black, my second-favorite choice is actually silver. This was extremely helpful for my little challenge because silver accessories pretty much match anything! Spoiler alert: You'll come across several others as you keep reading. 

2. It's fun to not give in to the rain.

My usual approach to rainy-day dressing is pretty utilitarian and, well, lazy, so when I had to actually make an effort on such a day—after all, I had to look good for you—it was a refreshing change. 

 I felt very sophisticated in my trench, and while I nearly lost my Chanel Mary Janes to several puddles of water, in the end, they (and I) came out unscathed. 

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