How Tailgate Style Changed With Time

What someone wears to a tailgate matters a lot in the current southern society, but maybe it didn’t matter as much a few decades ago. In the ‘60s football fashion wasn’t really a thing. At least, it wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now. The ‘60s were, however, the era of letterman jackets. Young men and women alike would wear them to support their favorite player or significant other. 

The ‘60s also featured a lot of miniskirts that were paired with knee-high boots, or flare pants paired with small heels. To top off the look young ladies would add oversized jewelry, sunglasses and neck scarves. Many of these trends were inspired by the leading lady at the time, Jackie Onassis. 

Some of these trends carried on into the next decade, but the ‘70s became known as the casual fashion era. Flare pants, which started going by “bell bottoms,” stayed around from the ‘60s and grew in popularity. Bell bottoms were worn by men and women, but were believed to be inspired by the King himself: Elvis Presley.

Today tailgating fashion is a much bigger deal. There was little focus on it over the past decades, but now brands will specifically advertise for games in order to sell.

Presley’s iconic hair was also an inspiration to many young men of the ‘70s, which catapulted hair perm trends. Men all over were becoming curly-headed in hopes of getting the Studio 54 look, but many consider this to be the worst trend from the decade.

As far as women’s hairstyles go, most had long, straight hair they would fashion into a ponytail or part down the middle. Women were wearing more dresses and pairing them with tights and boots to stay warm on cool fall nights. Larger jackets also took trend, which helped for the later season games. 

The ‘80s took a measurable turn from the previous decade by bringing denim and floral to the scene. Granted, these two were never paired together, but it was a drastic change from the ‘70s. Denim became a hot commodity, whether it was in the form of jackets, cropped jeans or patchwork overalls. 

Denim jackets were a huge statement piece and were seen often at football stadiums across the country. Jeans were newer to the fashion industry and had just recently jumped in popularity when they started becoming cropped in the ‘80s. On the opposite side of the spectrum, floral prints were all the rage. They were added to women’s shirts and dresses.

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