3 pioneers in hip-hop fashion

During the time that there has been Hip-Hop, fashion has been an integral part of the culture.

From what people used, how they used it, the expression of clothing and accessories influenced people who did not listen to Rap or who did not participate in the four elements.



By the 1980s, as Run-D.M.C. partnered with Adidas, various stars in the Rap genre began working with brands, designers, and retailers. While many Hip-Hop Heads know the stories of A-list partnerships and endorsement deals, a 30-plus-year-old history is now being told in a documentary. The Shirt Kings worked with some of the greatest MCs of all-time to do something for the culture by people invested in it.



featuring some of the most influential Rap and Fashion trailblazers to properly remember the beginnings of Edwin “Phade” Sacasa, Rafael “Kasheme” Avery, and Clyde “Nike” Harewood’s custom t-shirt venture. Beyond the talent, fame, and the fortune that has grown exponentially from the efforts of their labor. The trio’s trendsetting style has brought forth an entire generation of future artists and brand entrepreneurs, laying the blueprint for Rap artists to represent and even become a major brand worldwide.


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