Urban fashion in history

Urban fashion is evolving and can personalize ideas like combining street style with recognized brands. It's so easy to get creative.

Paige Von Almen shows BREAKING how unique people can be with urban fashion while adjusting to a specific style and even culture around:

Stories of the streets are urban. They are dirty, grimy, rough and full of obstacles, however, from these obstacles comes a unique culture all it's own.

StreetLore constantly evolves and changes. It brings together different art, styles, people, and ideas. It aims to foster creativity by creating a community where artists can grow in their crafts, draw inspiration from and come together as a culture


To grow in fashion you need to risk and bet for something innovational, have a style that offers something different:

Oliver recently showcased her chic brand at New York Fashion Week and found the challenges she faced ultimately led to great success for her unique designs.

(Full article can be found here: https://303magazine.com/2019/07/streetlore-urban-fashion/)


Find more urban style according to your style here:


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