Fashion coming back from the 90s

Have you ever swore not to wear those broken and worn jeans that ended just below the calf? Or shirts of bright colors with those that appeared in old photos? Or those giant platform sneakers with ankle socks? If you did, welcome to the club. Fashion is like a boomerang that always comes back.

Some of the most important trends of the 90s have become part of the world wardrobes in tune with the main catwalks of the world.


The 90s were a decade of young movements, sweet rebellion, and freedom. However, trends such as grunge and minimalism mixed with hip hop fashion and the school look.

If you are one of those who kept your stilettos and decided to go to work, social events and family gatherings with your 90s sneakers you will not again feel the discomfort of being frowned upon by not being consistent with the occasion. One of the attributes of fashion is that it allows adaptation, especially in a generation for which comfort prevails.


Bella Hadid is basically a fashion wizard. She can pull off literally any type of outfit, a superpower us mere mortals can only dream of obtaining. From androgynous streetwear looks and ultra-sweet '90s inspiration to sexy lingerie, Bella owns every single look.

Get your own slice of Bella's style, by taking a bit of her signature flair and adding it to your own outfit equation - micro sunnies, Dr. Martens, and cropped cardigans will all give you the BH aesthetic. We've made the process way easier by pulling together all of Bella Hadid's best outfits. These are the looks you should copy now.

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Relive fashion and choose your favorite style!


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