Style while outdoors

Most people look forward to clothing that not only looks good but also feels comfy, unfortunately, that is sometimes not possible. You either look awesome or not! but what if I could tell you simple can sometimes mean looking better and that outdoors can mean comfortable wear?

Check these annotations made by Emily Jensen on HyperBeast where she shares some outfits that are a tendency for urban outdoors:

People talk about living somewhat a bit more offline lifestyle. With all these stressful factors we’re all in, it seems natural to pull the plug and then get out and enjoy nature

Outdoor style they consist of muted shades in Earth tones and neutrals, with a few pastel pops of colors, with approachable styles that look like they could survive a bit of rouging up.


You can also use these combinations for a more rural environment and connect with nature:

Connecting with nature can make the outdoorsy look more attractive to burned-out millennials than athleisure. Athleisure promotes its own kind of luxury, specifically a lifestyle that allows for enough time to go to the gym and enough money to buy expensive clothing to sweat in. Like the outdoorsy style, it too elevates functionality, but the prototypical athleisure look — black, sleek, body-hugging — emphasizes efficiency and speed.

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