Entrepreneur launches online fashion marketplace to connect Black designers with consumers, promises no “blackface”

ABOVE PHOTO: Nia Noceta, founder of BlackHaute.com

Digital marketing expert and serial entrepreneur, Nia Noceta, has launched BlackHaute.com,  “The Black fashion marketplace.” The site is dedicated to making it easier than ever to support Black fashion designers and brands. 

It is the first, and only, site to exclusively showcase Black fashion designers, giving consumers direct access to the designers and brands that are often the first to translate urban style into international fashion trends.

The international fashion industry produces an estimated $2 trillion in revenue each year. And despite being recognized as loyal, profitable consumers of the fashion industry, many Blacks have felt stung when some of the most popular brands have made racist, or at least racially insensitive, marketing or design blunders.

“We spend a greater percentage of our income on fashion than anybody else, and we’re very vocal about the brands we love — that’s free marketing,” Noceta said. “So, yes, it feels like a betrayal and disrespect when these brands don’t appreciate us, and, in fact, insult us. I promise, there will be no “blackface” designs on this site.”

“After the last fashion brand boycott (of Gucci) earlier this year, I just felt like there had to be something else we could do,” she continued. “Something more proactive than being outraged after the fact. I created BlackHaute.com to connect us with the designers and brands that appreciate our business… before we threaten to take it away.”

BlackHaute.com has quickly gathered an enthusiastic following, and seems poised for even greater growth in 2020.

 “The support has been great, and it’s coming from every race and ethnicity,” Noceta said. “I’m humbled and excited by the momentum.” 


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