Confidence-Boosting Tips Every Woman Should Know

You've heard it all before: If you're confident and you "own it," you'll always look great. It's a philosophy that's easy to get on board with, but one that isn't always the easiest to live by. Everyday stressors can trigger an onslaught of insecurities, and scrolling through filtered Instagram images 24/7 can leave you feeling downright inadequate.

But the truth is that confidence is a muscle; the more you practice and work it, the stronger it becomes. Unfortunately, unlike building a stronger booty or core, there isn’t a gym class that can help you get there. But there are a variety of ways to feel more comfortable in your skin.

Nastasya Generalova is used to moving to different tempos. As a rhythmic gymnast with the USA National Team, Generalova is basically required to be in tune with her body no matter the background music, and always project poise and strength—skills that extend well beyond the competition space.

For Generalova, when it comes to choosing an outfit that makes her feel confident, it's all about playing with her style to show the various facets of her personality. "My mood does play a big factor in my fashion,” she says. “I could be wearing a beautiful dress one day to an event and feel strong and feminine, but another day I could be wearing a blazer and a suit and feel just as feminine with a hint of a tomboy," she says.




"My style sets me apart because it’s so versatile. I can honestly make any type of clothing fit for any occasion. But my favorite part about my style is how comfortable I always am. and flattering—right up my alley. I felt amazing. It was the most beautiful I’ve felt in a long time."

Another key to Brown's confidence? Gratitude. "When you’re feeling down, list five things that you're grateful for," she advises. "I think we get so wrapped up in what we don’t have or we haven’t achieved that we forget about the amazing things in front of us. Also, stop comparing your journey—whatever it is—to other people’s. Everyone has a purpose! Focusing on someone else’s is only blocking you from discovering yours."

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