Combine your saved clothes with our collection that we have for you!

Surely you had to inherit the pants of your brother or sister. Maybe he gave some of his clothes to his younger cousins ​​or maybe, when he was older, he has given him clothes that he doesn't use to his closest friends. That is called circular economy.

Although it is not something new it is booming and especially in the field of fashion with several initiatives that seek to make shirts, skirts, shoes, bags, pants and dresses out of the forgetfulness of many closets and someone put them to good use.

I had just gone through the process of cleaning out my closet and I had a huge pile of clothes to get rid of. Fashion Week was fast approaching, and while I had more space in my wardrobe to fill, I had zero time to shop. As I rummaged through the aforementioned pile, deciding which things to donate and which things had enough value to sell, I got an idea. The wheels were spinning, and oh baby, when Sarah gets an idea, you know she follows through.



Why not challenge myself to wear four different articles of clothing I had already chosen to part with? Maybe I could reinvigorate these clothes with a new life if I styled them differently. I felt like the "thinking" emoji with one eyebrow raised, a perplexed frown on his face. Because could I? Would I actually be able to successfully carry out this plan?

After I felt confident enough with the outfits I created - all of which mixed the old with the new - I headed to the shows, proud of my little accomplishment. I had a secret: I was wearing all my outdated sh * t and I liked it. Now I felt like the "winky" face emoji, which is way better. I learned some very useful styling tips too, all of which I'll share with you below, so you can try refreshing the articles of clothing you've long retired that are now stashed away.


But first, I want to address the idea of ​​recycling here. While we all understandably have busy lives and make excuses to avoid closet cleanouts, getting wear out of the pieces you buy is respectable and cost-efficient.

But if you're just not crazy about that blouse that's still in mint condition and you can't find a way to coordinate it with something new, pass it onto someone who can use it. Then you'll feel like the "happy" emoji, with the big, toothy grin, and I don't blame you. Now, if you need a little encouragement before you get down to business, allow me to inspire you

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Combine your saved clothes with the collection that we have for you!


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