Choose the right sunglasses

Find the perfect combination, choose the right sunglasses for the shape of your face.With the correct shape, size, color and fit, you can dramatically raise the look and mood.

Here, eyewear designer, Alexis Amor shares his tips on choosing the right pair to do just that.

Firstly, Amor recommends shoppers to trust their instinct. "Go for the styles and colors that you are naturally drawn to. Then, for goodness’ sake, try them on. The size is critical, and my guide should be followed religiously.


"All glasses should make your head look slightly smaller and will be far more flattering for it. The arms should go back in a straight line without bowing out and they should not squeeze too tight - a sure sign of being too small."

There are some basic rules to apply when considering face shapes, and Amor advises that "Eyebrows can show but not too much - if they do a show, the sunglasses will look best if they follow the contour of the brow. "Whatever the shape, sunglasses are there to complement not accentuate. Round sunglasses on a round face or square on square etc. are a no-no."


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