Choose The Right Shoes For Your Dress

Are you going to attend an important social event? Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or a gala night, it is important to look your best and own the spotlight.

It’s every girl’s dream to wear a flawless dress that accentuates their assets. That’s why, when it comes to dressing up, they would always prioritise looking for the perfect gowns and dresses. They would think that wearing the best dress is enough to make a statement. Little do they know that other ensembles, like shoes and heels, are just as important as their little black dress.

Any important event is usually about glitz and glam. We’d hate to see you go unprepared, so we’ve rounded up some tips to help you select what’s best for you! Here is an easy-to-remember styling guide to help you look like the star that you are on that special night:

Your dress

Your dress is a huge factor in deciding your shoes. As a rule of thumb, both should complement each other. If you want to wear something extravagant, you would want to keep your shoes simple or vice versa. Only one must accentuate your style, while the other supports your overall glamour.


Go for shoes with minimal detailing to avoid overwhelming your look or clashing with the dress. Just let your dress do the talking and your shoes provide support.


Pick a sandal that adds a dash of flash. It could be a sexy pump or a shiny strap.

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