Urban women gotta make a statement

Urban shirts certainly fit everyone

Discover yours! They can be long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, plain, printed, etc. but this garment is a basic one that says a lot about who wears it. We know that you care a lot about your image and what you want to convey through it; why today we show you some of the best we have.

For long or complicated days, you can opt for this university-style model that will give you the necessary strength to face everything that comes your way.

And if it refreshes do not worry, because you can put on a sweatshirt and get the same groundbreaking effect.


If you intend to make a statement, if you want to show your hobbies or personality through your way of dressing, urban style is for you.



Improbable prints, fluorescent colors that attract attention or anything that says I'm here... These tanks and tops are only for the most daring and original.


Trends are back

Adopt the new trends of urban fashion, hip hop, street casual and more! Carrying the logo or print on the back is the latest. Do not wait any longer to stand out.

Urban styles always bring a very personal touch to the classic or go all the way to modern in one step.

Find many options in urban shirts using this link:



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