Accessory that are fashionable.

One of the accessories that are in fashion are large jewelry, but with simple and purist shapes. For example, in large oyster pieces in the hoops, they are especially privileged in several delicate rows of chains or fine rings.

However, the recent trend to watermarks is at the same time in decline. In short, jewelry pieces are becoming more and more massive. And there is no longer a metal that is fashionable. Almost everything goes.

To us, street style during fashion month is like being a kid in a candy store again. New York's the pay-by-the-pound section, with a little something of everything to choose from. Milan's a bit more old fashioned and of course, Paris is the tried-and-true favorite. Like any well-rounded kid, we have to peruse the whole store to get the complete picture, similar to how we've scanned street style images all day everyday for the last three weeks, trying with all our might to decipher which trends are worth .

accessories ruled street style. From bags ranging in size from XXS to XXL to silk scarves worn every which way, no outfit in New York, London or Milan was complete without at least one big accessory moment.


The truth is that in several streets of the world and influencers and fashionistas have begun to use them, either with a low tail or with loose hair.

And finally, the latest trend in accessories are large scarves, which can be used as turban, neck, pareo or top type. These have original and colorful prints.

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