A Female Artist that turns manholes into fashion

Artist Emma-France Raff decorates clothing and tote bags guerilla-style in the street using ink, a roller and manhole covers as her printing press 

It’s not often “manhole covers” and “fashion” are uttered in the same sentence, but for Emma-France Raff, these functional metal structures have a distinct charm.

So much so that she scours the streets of cities for ones with intricate details and textures which she uses as a printing press - painting them with ink and transferring their designs onto t-shirts, hoodies, and bags.

The artist, who brings a whole new meaning to the term “streetwear”, gets some curious looks when she gets her roller, ink, and equipment out, and starts printing on the ground in public places.

But Raff, who has turned the streets of Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, Porto, and Stavanger – among others – into fashion has always been fascinated with tiny details spotted while out and about and finding inspiration in often overlooked elements of the urban landscape. The appeal of manhole covers, she says, is that they often have a local flavor.

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