7 Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2020

We couldn’t possibly talk about big fashion trends without talking about men’s fashion trends. (What kind of monsters do you think we are??) As we wrap up the last bit of 2019/this decade (cue: tears of existential dread), we’re naturally already looking to the future. And especially for us fashion folk (hi, hello, nice to meet you), we’re specifically looking at 2020 men’s fashion trends (because we’re proactive, overachievers like that). Whether you’re looking for yourself, for someone else or just out of sheer curiosity, we’ve got the low-down on what next year’s biggest trends in menswear are.

From that ’90s Adam Sandler-esque leather jacket (yep) to cool and edgy tie-dye, here are men’s fashion trends you can expect to see in 2020.

1. Cross-Body Bags

First, I’d like to never, ever, ever, ever hear the word “murse” ever again. It’s just a purse. Or a handbag. And if you happen to identify as a man and prefer to carry your belongings in a bag (rather than letting them just jingle jangle around in your pockets), then cool! Here’s a trend for you! Fanny packs worn across your torso will still be happening in 2020, but legit cross-body bags will be happening, too. The trick is wearing them high up on your waist, as opposed to just flopping about again your hip bone. #CHIC.

2. Monochromatic Suits

Stop, I’m not talking about an all-black suit. There are many more colors that the human eye can see, and I’m talking about literally any of them. Wearing a suit that’s made up of only one shade is a sleek way to spice up the classic silhouette. (Because, honestly, aren’t you tired of a black suit with a white dress shirt? Don’t lie.)

3. Sheer Tops

I just know that Harry Styles, somewhere, is squealing with excitement. Show off those abs, those tattoos, that gnarly chest hair or whatever you got goin’ on under there with a sheer top. Pair it with a relaxed suit for a fun night out, or don a loose, sheer shirt in the summer. Not only does it offer up major style points, it also offers major ventilation!!!!! BREEZY.

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