3 Men’s Fashion Tips every guy should know

3 Men’s Fashion Tips every guy should know. Hey guys, there are a few fashion tips that every guy should be aware of when choosing their fashion look. It’s true to say that most men today are bamboozled with “what look is hot” and what is not.

While everyone’s own fashion look is different, there are a few essential looks that every guy should strive to achieve.

The sports shoe and jeans

This is a big look but a very simple one that any guy can pull off with ease. Lots of us think we need those expensive trainers to make us look great. This is definitely not the way to think.

Good quality, clean looking trainers can enhance any man’s casual look. It’s about pairing the right color trainer to your jeans. The most important things to remember here are

Try and keep your trainer look neutral. Whites, navy, brown and black can be easily paired with jeans. If you are adventurous, try reds but always try to ensure that your trainer is not bulky or bold.

Plain designs or even Adidas strips to the side look good. You want your overall finish to be subtle but chic.

The choice of jeans you wear with your trainers is equally important. There is no point wearing oversized jeans that fall inches below your trainer line as no one will see your shoe.

A nice fitted style jean that shows off the shape of your legs are always the right choice. Blue demin goes with almost any colour trainer. Black and grey denims pair beautifully with white trainers.

For that stylish casual fashion finish, fuse your jeans and trainers with a nice neutral or pastel coloured tee. By keeping your look simple ensures none of your attire will clash with each other.

Get the match of your colours right

When it comes to matching colours it is something that most fellas get totally wrong. Your choice of fashion wear should always be balanced. Things like double denim don’t work. However, a blue cotton shirt looks great with blue denim jeans.

If you are wearing blue jeans, pastel, black and white shirts are always a safe and great option. This goes for wearing tees as well.

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